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The Lehigh Valley area is full of amazing art galleries, museums and other art and cultural attractions. From major festivals and public education programs to small, picturesque galleries with incredible local artists, there is no shortage of opportunities to immerse yourself in local culture. After visiting an art gallery in Bethlehem, PA, I return to my bed and breakfast, which is also a work of art! After a tour of Bethlehem's incredible art galleries, I treated myself to a delicious meal at an incredible restaurant nearby.

It was there that I had my first experience with art, when I was staring at the wall and ceiling of a church one Sunday, and Eric and I were behaving like us. Our study focused on the inspiration I experienced as a child and it had a profound impact on my work quality. The art class I was attracted to impressed me deeply, which influenced my work to this day.

What I like about digital art is that it is a more accessible and relevant way to share artworks with everyone. I am constantly inspired by the creativity and creativity of artists such as Andy Warhol, Picasso, Matisse and many others.

The Bethlehem branch has an art and events center in the Lehigh Valley, which was formerly part of Bethlehem Steel. The branch also houses murals from Bethlehem, created from archived historical photos, as well as a collection of artworks by local artists.

Most people will notice something like a giant mural of a humanoid statue and stop to think about where it came from, who made it and what it represents. In Allentown, affectionately known by Pennsylvanians as the Queen City since the early 20th century, the general idea behind the mural is a depiction of the Queen of Hearts playing cards. Public art is hidden, but it is created to engage in conversation and reflect the community.

The former elevated railway used by Bethlehem Steel is currently being redeveloped under the direction of the redevelopment authority into an elevated, historically interpretive footpath that will connect the nearby Sands Hotel and the SteelStacks campus. ArtsQuest is an institution that provides year-round artistic education and performance in Lehigh Valley, with an emphasis on art, culture and education. The campus serves as the forecourt for the Bethlehem Visitor Center and has enabled its mission to offer arts and cultural education programs throughout the Lehigh Valley to expand its public programs, which has strengthened the organization. It has also triggered nearby investments, including the construction of a $1.5 million parking garage and parking lot, a 1,000-seat amphitheater, an art gallery and a public art museum.

In addition, more than 1,000 artworks by artists from around the world are currently on view in the permanent collection of ArtsQuest.

Mandy's eye-catching acrylic paintings are also available in surrounding states, where many of her collectors are based. Mikolas has also created other public art for the Lehigh Valley, including a series of murals on the walls of the Pennsylvania State Capitol in Harrisburg and a mural at the University of Pennsylvania. There's something for everyone and every picture is something for you, "Mikolas says.

When I started touring the historic downtown, I immediately understood why so many artists are inspired by the beauty and history of the city. Greek - inspired statues, sculptures, murals and other public art create a literal homage to humanity.

In 1995 I completed my studies in art history abroad for one semester in Todi, Italy and earned my Master in Graphic Design at the College of Arts and Sciences of the University of Pennsylvania. I studied at the Philadelphia Museum of Art for two years before I began illustrating works for the Franklin Library.

During my stay, I took a lot of time, but discovered that Lehigh Valley has one of the most vibrant and vibrant art communities in the United States. This community, which lacked public art and museums to compensate for it, lacked churches and city blocks. I launched the SteelStacks project to advance urban regeneration efforts, bring the community together, and turn the Bethlehem Steel Mill campus into a center of art and culture.

Knowing that we needed an iconic work of art that could help activate the new space, I hired the artist Elena Colombo from Scranton, Pennsylvania, to create a website - a specific sculpture located at the foot of the iconic industrial hearth that represents the history and spirit of our community. By creating this important piece of art in public space, the project leaders imagined that it could not only help to honour the history of the area, but also attract many people to the former steel site.

The sculpture is also made of bricks and sea glass found on the beach, and it is painted with a design that sees the rocks and water. I paint in oil, acrylic, watercolor, but I love nature above all and I paint with watercolors, with which I began painting for the first time in the late 1990s and early 2000s. My latest love is painting designs I see in rocks or water, like this sculpture. Typically artists paint impressionistic scenes of nature and I believe that there is no right or wrong way to create.

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More About Bethlehem