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Lehigh Valley is full of activities and events all year round, but the summer season has plenty to offer visitors. Local dealers, restaurants and galleries pull out all the stops, high-tech revelry takes place and the high-tech Revelry is everywhere.

Less than a mile from downtown Bethlehem, there are many top attractions to explore in the area. I like the Hyatt because it is close to some of the area's most popular attractions, including the Banana Factory, where Pennsylvania Youth Theatre performs Happy Elf. Other nearby attractions include the Lehigh Valley Museum of Natural History, Bethlehem Art Museum and American Legion Hall.

If you wish to purchase tickets for one or more events in Bethlehem, the PA Tourism Office's calendar, please read the full schedule above. The next page shows prices sorted by price, and for more information on dates, times and venues, please visit our Bethlehem PA Tourist Office website.

If you select an upcoming performance from the list on this page, you are immediately on the spot. You can filter by event to help you with your search, and you can get a better idea of what you're getting involved in. If you have some money, check out our suits - you'll find the family - and the great prices for the most popular events in Bethlehem PA.

Inside, visitors can browse, enjoy chocolate, taste delicious beers and enjoy delicious beer. You can also visit traders selling Celtic and Irish food, as well as artisans selling handmade Celtic artwork and handicrafts.

In addition to the upcoming events in Bethlehem, PA, Lehigh Valley offers dozens of other amazing things to do. Below is a list of special events, festivals and celebrations with music, crafts, food, entertainment and more. With so many amazing things to offer, it's no wonder that the music festival is one of the most popular summer events on the East Coast.

While it may be tempting to stay warm outside somewhere after dark, the best time of year to experience this fantastic community experience is when the weather is warm in summer. While it may be tempting to stay somewhere warmer after dark, don't miss the opportunity to really experience the beauty of Bethlehem, PA, for Christmas.

If you are planning to attend a summer event in Bethlehem, PA, do not forget to book a stay at Sayre Mansion. In the heart of the city, just a short drive from the city centre, your time in this area will be something special. Staying at the Sayre Villa you will be right next to one of Bethlehem's most popular restaurants and bars.

Please request a copy of our free guide to Sayre Mansion and the rest of Bethlehem, PA for a free tour.

For more information about this great fundraiser for the zoo, please see our article about the Winter Light Gala. Tire Children's Market with Lehigh Valley Mall and Promenade Shops, enjoy special Christmas menus, watch the Bethlehem Christmas in the City movie screening and see all the Christmas things.

The market offers live Christmas music with acoustic acts and choirs, as well as food and drink sellers. Other competitions at the festival include a Highland Dance competition, in which dance teams perform. There is also a bagpipe competition, which features bagpipes and bands from all over the region, and a large drum competition, where bandleaders are judged by their leadership and precision in their attire. Other non-competitive activities include ballroom dancing, where you can learn Celtic dances.

Every 10 minutes a group of up to 30 people gets on a bus and is transported to the top of the hill to start the journey to Bethlehem. This one-hour tour offers a unique view of Bethlehem, PA, from the perspective of one of its most famous landmarks. Your stay includes a rich breakfast in the morning and you will be refueled before heading to the summer events in Bethlehem PA.

If you don't have the holiday spirit in mind when you look at the flash mob, you'll find it when you look at this flash mob. With more than half a million lights, visitors walk through the holiday season - themed scenes in Bethlehem, PA. Experience the story of the Child Jesus in a manger, hurry with the shepherds to the stable, experience the birth of the Holy Spirit and make your way to Bethlehem PA for the annual Christmas lights festival.

A costumed guide guides families through a museum, which is furnished in a way one would imagine during a walk with Moravia. Compared to other holiday festivals, this one focuses on recreating the railroad line in detail, with many historic sites and buildings still standing in eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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