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There is no better way to explore some of the best restaurants in Bethlehem, PA than by taking a trip to the city itself. I like Bethlehem Brew works so well that I will dedicate a whole blog post to you to give you all the reasons you need to visit. Whether you're enjoying kitschy gourmet pizza baking or a good beer and glass of wine, you've got to go.

The menu at Edge Restaurant & Lounge offers a wide range of modern dishes that perfectly blend French and Asian cuisine. Malaysian culture is reflected in every dish on the menu, and every dish is freshly prepared and reflects their culture. They also have an impressive wine list with perfect vintage variations to round off your meal. The restaurant offers a variety of Latin American dishes such as chicken, beef, pork, lamb, chicken and pork ribs, as well as a variety of seafood.

Described by OpenTable as one of the top ten restaurants in Bethlehem, PA, Bolete uses local and sustainable ingredients to create incredible dishes. There's plenty to see, do and enjoy in the good restaurants of Bethlehem PA. Learn more about all the fun things to do in Bethlehem Pennsylvania and the surrounding area by downloading our free Holiday Guide.

The restaurant has shifted to take-out and delivery, and the food is prepared daily. In the past, food was prepared daily, but today it is limited to the delivery or delivery options.

Pennsylvania law allows food and beverage companies to continue to restrict the supply and sale of food, but nonessential stores must close. The restaurant has even switched to contactless delivery, where customers place their orders directly at the front door without any direct contact. One worker said the restaurant usually receives calls for orders and that it has moved to Grubhub as a delivery service.

Bethlehem's only other non-essential business in the city, the Biltmore Hotel, closed on Sunday, according to its Facebook page.

The space is narrow and there are no plans for additional seating, but you can always take your crêpes with you on a park bench.

The Speakeasy bookstore offers delicious small plates with a variety of delicious starters, salads, sandwiches and desserts, as well as a full menu. But if you're looking for something special, reserve a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night and try the chef's 6-course tasting menu! Emeril's serves irresistible dishes, including delicious ribs, salmon, macaroni and cheese, pork belly, shrimp and grains and more. During our visit we tried the panko - crustaceans, a classic dish from the restaurant menu, together with some of their typical dishes.

If you're looking for a local landmark, you don't have to visit the Bethlehem Dairy Shop. There is a restaurant near the campus, which remains open at all times. The Bethlehem Bed and Breakfast is located in the heart of the city, just a few blocks from the above mentioned restaurants and a few other restaurants.

In honor of Bethlehem's history as a steel city, this brewery serves a wide selection of beers from local breweries as well as regional craft beer. Spanish - Tapas restaurant offering a wide selection of local beers, wines and specialties from around the world.

Located on Main Street in downtown Bethlehem, Tapas am Main is a wonderful place to dine with friends. Due to its proximity to the Fourth Street campus, Deja Brew is another restaurant frequented by Lehigh students. ZEST combines the grill into a solid dinner for delivery in Bethlehem, which includes classic American starters, appetizers and desserts. This package is offered for purchase in advance.

Apollo Grill has been voted one of the best restaurants in the area for 15 years. As the name suggests, this 1920s-style speakeasy offers beautifully crafted American cuisine with an emphasis on classic American dishes. The selection, called "The Cup" by locals and visitors, is guaranteed to satisfy any ice-cream thirst with sandwiches.

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