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As you may have heard, the revitalized former steel capital of eastern Pennsylvania has had its ups and downs in recent years. Tucked away in the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania, Bethlehem is home to a number of tourist attractions including a ski resort, snowboard resort, golf course and international airport.

Whether you love history, have fun in the fresh air or just want a way to relax, there is much to love about this part of Lehigh Valley. This area, which was first founded by the Moravians and is now a tourist destination, is full of traces of our past. In a once abandoned electrical workshop, the National Museum of Industrial History offers an insight into the industries that have shaped the high valley and the surrounding region.

There are also several buildings in the city centre where visitors can see how artisans lived and worked in Bethlehem hundreds of years ago. Visitors to the museum can walk along three different railway lines, which have been incredibly reconstructed and contain a variety of artifacts from the past and present of the city.

The Moravian Museum of Bethlehem has some of the oldest buildings in the Lehigh Valley, including the Old Town Hall, the New Town Hall and the Old Town Hall. Purchasing a Pass - to - History ticket gives you access to the museum and a number of other attractions in Bethlehem. Visitors can also try their luck at various games such as chess, board games or card games. Self-guided tours and guided walks along the railway lines and other historic sites are available at the Visitor Centre.

As you stroll through historic Bethlehem, the pubs are an excellent choice for dinner and drinks.

If you are planning a longer stay in the Bethlehem area, Extended Stay America Allentown Bethlehem is the ideal setting. The location is great and is the best place to stay in the city, but if you prefer to stay in the city centre, the two-room suites and the hotel suites are two options. Whether you stay in one of the spacious club rooms or in the executive suite, you can retire to a private room to spend a night on the town overlooking Bethlehem's historic downtown. If you prefer to stay in the city centre and are within walking distance of the city's most popular restaurants, bars and shops, then the location must be great, as it is the good place for you to stay for the whole city. For those of you who prefer to stay in the city center or just a short drive from Bethlehem or even a few miles from the city center, these are two options.

Just a short drive from the city, the Marriott Allentown Bethlehem features a beautifully landscaped ground floor hotel with a great view of Bethlehem's historic downtown. When you stay here, you will feel right at home in one of the two - room suites or the executive suite.

If you want to learn more about the culture of Bethlehem, there are a number of great places to visit, such as the Bethlehem Art Museum, the Old Town Hall and the historic Public Library of Bethlehem. If you happen to be visiting at high water levels, this park is a great place for a picnic or even a day trip to Bethlehem. Download our free vacation guide to find the best hotels, restaurants and attractions in Bethlehem and other parts of the state. Check out our line charts to find the cheapest time to book a room in Bethlehem for your upcoming trip.

Located on the east side of Bethlehem, the hotel is within easy reach of Interstate 78 and the Sands Casino. The Residence Inn in Allentown and Bethlehem is a great place to book a room for your upcoming trip to Bethlehem and other parts of the state. Located north of Bethlehem, Days Inn is one of our favorite hotels in the Bethlehem area and a favorite destination for family and friends. Book a hotel in Bethlehem for the cheapest time to save big in our Bethlehem guide to the region.

This museum is located five miles west of Bethlehem and is worth a short drive and one of the best things to do in Allentown. The Historical Partnership Bethlehem is organising a Christmas themed walk through the historic city centre, which older children can also enjoy.

This incredibly strange place is definitely worth a drive and one of the most interesting activities in Bethlehem PA. Ringed Rocks County Park is located 30 minutes from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and is an incredibly interesting place that is definitely worth a ride. The Lehigh Canal offers hiking and cycling along the canal trawl that follows the Le Highlands River through Bethlehem. This path is not long, but it also offers some great views of Bethlehem and the city center.

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More About Bethlehem